About Us


Kenny Cox

Kenny is a lifelong entrepreneur and non-profit leader who promotes personal transformation for creative cultures which innovate. His passion for Shadow Work and men's work comes from his personal belief that transformation begins with “the work of the soul”.  He is an advocate for breaking the chains of generational family cycles of dysfunctional behaviors, so that healing can be found for achieving a life lived with greater meaning, purpose and legacy.  

Mobile Phone: 815-790-1077



Valerie Rausseo

Val is a mental health therapist and professor by vocation, a facilitator by passion, and leader by calling. Her passion for facilitating stems from her desire for others to experience emotional and spiritual growth, which started from her own journey of self-discovery. Valerie's intuition and ability to deeply connect with others allows her to relate with authenticity and compassion so that you can live life with freedom, fullness and intimacy.

Mobile Phone: 847-702-7657



Vicki Woodward-Mentor

Vicki was introduced to Shadow Work® in 1996 and began her training in 1998. She is certified for group facilitation and individual coaching. She is also a Shadow Work® Mentor, and leads Shadow Work® trainings at all levels in the United States and abroad. Vicki’s own personal work and healing fed her appetite for assisting others in their process toward personal exploration and wholeness. She believes that any person can transform their wounds into tools for getting out of life what they want, achieving their goals and finding peace and well-being.